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WidgetBucks (my thoughts)


Interesting that today I was going to say I’m very pleased with my WidgetBuck tests, but over at Shoemoney, Jeremy gives it a thumbs down. There seems to be some bias to his report (possibly related to his past dealings with AuctionAds and WidgetBucks). You can read about it here.

Here is what I know. I’m a blogger and I use WidgetBucks. I added it to two sites that were poor performers with AdSense. Over the years, I’ve worked with blending, not-blending, white backgrounds, color backgrounds and various ad format, but my CTR was extremely poor with AdSense. I thought this would be a good test for WidgetBucks. Immediately, I was receving some good clicks that showed promise. I’m still not making a ton off of these sites, but already, I’ve exceeded my poor AdSense numbers.

I have to disagree with the ’10 second load’, my ads were showing up in 5 seconds. Granted, this is still a lag, but the quality of the ads almost justify the load time. Again, I have to say they’re much better than ShopperAds out there currently. My biggest complaint with WidgetBucks is the category selection. There needs to be more. My niches are pretty obscure, so it’s hard to find a good home for these ads. I think I’ll continue to test for a bit, before giving it a full thumbs up or thumbs down, but so far, I’m pleased with what I’m seeing.


  1. Hey, I’ve noticed that any time I change my ad layout, or bring attention to advertising via a post, my CTR goes up for a few days, then right back down. So I wonder how much culd be attributed to change vs. a better format? Thanks for bringing the platform to our attention!

  2. Shoemoney’s comments sound like sour grapes. I bet when the people at WidgetBucks saw some details of AuctionAds they lost interest in buying it.

    I’ve got WidgetBucks running. The widget loads slow but it doesn’t seem to affect the rest of the page load. CTR is very low, probably due to two things, the slow widget load and the lack of categories that fit my niche. CPC is very good. I’ll probably run it in places that AdSense doesn’t do well. Gives me another option to vary things.

  3. Initial feeling is to put it on crap performing AdSense sites to see if it makes a difference.. what do you have to lose, right? I really wish there were more variety in the products and categories. Seems like I’m only able to use the ‘laptop’ and ‘game systems’.. which really don’t fit in my niches, but I do get occassional clicks.

  4. That is a very true point you brought up, change disrupts the ad blindness, but then the visitors gets use to it. I’ve seen Shoemoney change the Azoogle ad colors on his sites, might be worth a shot to randomize AdSense formats (or WidgetBucks skins) on page loads. hmmmmmmm

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