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Zlio shops — first glance, very nice!



Well, well, well. I saw someone mention Zlio on a Shoemoney comment in the BANS thread. I’ve never heard of this, and thought I’d take a look. First glance, I’m very impressed. It’s a shop that you can create, and add products. The store front is extremely built well. This is not a store you would run on your server or hosting account, but would run on their servers. It’s completely 100% free to use.

Setting up your store takes literally minutes, and they have a large pool of products choose from. Their interface is very web 2.0 with drag gable products, easy to define categories, etc. I was also really excited to see that they already have Google Sitemaps configured with it, you just provoprovideGoogle meta verification. You can also verify with Yahoo and add Google Analytics. Very slick.

Their store is broken down by base commissions (PPA or CPA what we’re all use to), but they offer PPC (Pay Per Click), basically if users click certain links to merchants, you will get paid or on other links if they purchase the item, you’ll get a commission. This can be changed by changing your ‘model’. You can select PPC only or CPA only or Mixed. Currently it defaults to mixed. You can even integrate Google AdSense as another revenue option.

I’ve started a single store, and will promote it for a bit to see if I can actually get some revenue from it. I think this is another great service to use to help spread your sources of revenue. Remember people.. it’s about the streams of revenue (Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket).

They’re also offering a nice referrer plan. You get to earn 10% on future commissions +5% of their friends commissions.. FOREVER! Very cool.

So sign up today. Please post your Zlio results, it’s important to know if this is a ‘thumbs up’ service.. ‘thumbs down’.


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