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March 6, 2008
by admin

Spring is here

I’ve gotten a few IMs and emails asking about what has been going on. Sorry about not posting. I have been extremely busy, with both work and affiliate marketing. I hate that feeling when “work” gets in the way of my affiliate marketing plans. I have been on track for launching four sites per month. My quota has been met, and earnings are reflecting this effort. March is looking to be a record breaking month for me!

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November 29, 2007
by admin

Zlio shops — first glance, very nice!


Well, well, well. I saw someone mention Zlio on a Shoemoney comment in the BANS thread. I’ve never heard of this, and thought I’d take a look. First glance, I’m very impressed. It’s a shop that you can create, and add products. The store front is extremely built well. This is not a store you would run on your server or hosting account, but would run on their servers. It’s completely 100% free to use.

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