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Accepted to Hydra Network


I’m super pleased to have been accepted to Hydra Network. Several affiliate marketers have recommended that I go with Hydra for better paying and converting offers.  They have a pretty thorough acceptance process. I first had to apply via their web application form. After filling out the form, I was told that I would receive a call from them with further questions and to verify the phone number they had on file. A week went by and never received the call, so I called them (people you should always be aggressive when trying to join a program).

I spoke with a Hydra associate and she asked various affiliate marketing questions. For example, how will I be promoting offers. If I had any affiliate marketing experience and how long. If I did PPC, how much did I spend, how long have I been doing it. What other networks am I member of, etc. Immediately, I felt the impression that they were just seeing if a) I had experience and b) if I was serious. I answered truthfully and honestly, letting them know what I’m very serious, but I am short of my goals and hoping that their offers might help me achieve my goals, etc.

Shortly after the phone call, I received a welcome letter stating that I was accepted to the Hydra Network! The next day I received another phone call from newly assigned affiliate manager. She seemed very nice and helpful on the phone. You need to mail, email or fax your W-9 form in to view any offers, but she already had some recommendations for me. I told what areas I was interested in and was able to hook me up with compatible offers right away.

I’m impressed with the hands on interaction with Hydra. Nothing like talking with a AM right away with suggestions. This week I’ll be promoting a few offers using YSM/PPC… so we’ll see if I can start getting in on the PPC to offer action. I’ve learned a lot since my past attempts, so let’s hope they’ll translate into earnings.

If you’d like to give Hydra Network a try, click here.


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