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Keeping focused and staying positive.


Keeping focused and staying positive. These are two areas I really think about often to keep my head in the affiliate marketing game. At times, this can be difficult, but it’s a definite must.

Keeping focused. If you’re not focused you’re wasting time and are very unproductive. My focus is contingent on a lot of factors, including sleep, diet, emotional state, etc. Identify why you lose focus at times, and identify how you get it back is critical for managing it. Focus is directly related to production, and production is related to earnings. I like to produce. This can be sites, ads, PPC campaigns, SEO work, directory submissions or entries for this blog. If I’m focused, I produce, and when I produce, I earn.

Staying positive. Affiliate marketing can be a very tough area to be successful in. Not to mention that it’s not ‘quick’ but slow. Work you do today will pay off months down the road at times. This can sometimes give the illusion that you’re not earning after you’ve committed hard work and energy in projects. The important thing is to not wait for the instant gratification (even though that can be nice and fun) but to stay focused (see above) and continue to be positive, even if your earnings are coming in right away.

I personally believe a positive “can-do” attitude leads to better focus and production.


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