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ebay-partner-networkYesterday, EPN is providing their QCP report in the reports area. To view your earnings in this new system, log into your EPN control panel and click ‘Reports’. Then expand ‘Report Filters’ and select ‘Quality Click Pricing Preview’ from the ‘Report Type’ filter and select August 2009 and Run Report.

Initially, I was discouraged since my numbers were about $600 below my monthly report (old system), but then I noticed the dates within the QCP report, which started at 8/18! Doing a quick calculation, my numbers are actually double of what I make currently. If this is the case, this will be great, but that is assuming that I’m not reading the report wrong, or if there were no issues in reporting, etc. But the signs (in my case) look very promising.

The next item to mention is EPN is having another webinar discussing QPC. The last webinar was the first I’ve ever attended, I thought overall, it had some great information, and having the opportunity to ask questions was absolutely great!

Their next webinar is scheduled for Sept 1 at 8:30AM PST. Here are some links and codes you’ll need to attend:

Attendee Direct URL:

Alternate Web Login
Conference Site URL:
Meeting ID: Sep01
Attendee Entry Code: Attend
U.S. Attendee Phone: US/Canada Dial-in #: (877) 252-8217
Int’l/Local Dial-In #: (660) 422-4755
Conference ID: 26202103

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