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twitter_logoOver the last few months, I’ve been creating new hub blogs as well as new store fronts using (ReviewAzon and WPReviewSite). Along with these sites, I’ve been creating support Twitter accounts and building followers using BirdFeeder. The benefit of this to promote offers, posts to potential customers very quickly. It’s hard to beat Twitter for getting quick quality traffic to your sites.

The other important thing that I’ve been realizing, is the importance of networking with others. So many of us are all trying to do the same thing, generate traffic and to hopefully make a few bucks off of our sites. Twitter is a great platform to make those connections. Many of us are just starting out with our support Twitter accounts, so when I meet someone that seems cool, I’ll offer to ally with that person. What does this mean? Basically, we agree to RT and to mention each other on #FF of FollowFriday announcements. Hopefully, by doing this we can help generate more traffic and followers by combining our current followers. I also try to comment on their sites as well as RT (ReTweeting) their posts. Some of you that follow my blog here already know what I’m talking about.

On a few of my sites, I’ve seen fantastic results by allying with a few similar Tweeters. You should give it a try. Working with others is a great way to increase your traffic.. which in turn, raises your earnings.

If you’re interested, follow me on Twitter and look me up!

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