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Apparel ItemSearch does not display ListPrice


Today, I was noticing one of my Amazon sites was not displaying prices for *some* apparel items. Looking closely at the XML response coming back from AWS, I noticed that ItemAttributes->ListPrice->FormattedPrice was not included as well as OfferSummary->LowestNewPrice->FormattedPrice was missing as well. Price of any sort was completely missing in about 80% of my apparel listings when I do a ItemSearch.

After doing some Googlin’ I found others with similar problems. It’s definitely not a new problem, so I was glad there were solutions, so I wanted to post this in case others run across this issue. It might be in other SearchIndexes besides apparel.

The solution is to modify your ResponseGroup value in your request to AWS. Normally, I only ask for “Offers, Images,ItemAttributes”. What you need to do is include “Variations” as well. So my ResponseGroup looks like: “Offers,Images,ItemAttributes,Variations”

You should now see VariationSummary in your XML response. To access the price there you would look at VariationSummary->LowestPrice->FormattedPrice

Hope this helps!

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