Coding For Online Success

July 6, 2008
by admin

Looking for a coach/mentor

I’ve been involved with affiliate marketing for almost 2 years now. I would say that I’ve been ‘successful’ in the sense that I’ve been profitable every month since I started, but I’m definitely not where I’d like to be. I’m thinking a coach or mentor might just be what I need to shake me out of my rut and take affiliate marketing to the next level for me. I’m also interested in creating relationships with people to help bounce ideas of off. I originally created to give me the opportunity to talk to fellow marketers and to help others. I’ve created many great relationships out there and I think I’ve helped a few along the way.

I wanted to give a little bit of my skill set help see if I’d be a match for being coached.

– I program in Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL (LAMP)
– Currently, I run a web design business from home (this is my day job for 4 years), so I know how to be productive in a home environment.
– I manage my own Linux servers for hosting
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