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GoDaddy’s Discount Domain Club

| 0 comments Discount Domain ClubToday I wanted to bring up GoDaddy’s Discount Domain Club. If you own a lot of domains at GoDaddy, you need to join this club!

Over the months, I’ve heard people mention this, and I have one friend that has told me in the past that I needed to be a part of this. Basically, you pay a yearly fee to be a part of the club, but the club offers some sweet discounts that add up! In my case alone, I’ll be saving several hundreds per year.

Prior to my joining, I’ve been purchasing domains at regular price (sometimes on sale, etc) and then setting them to auto-renew. Pretty simple. You can get a discount by manually renewing your domains, but I feel that is trouble waiting to happen (for me anyways).

By joining the Discount Domain Club, your renewals (automatic) are discounted. You purchases on new domains are always the lowest price at GoDaddy, that alone is great deal, but the renewals is what is going to save me some serious yearly dough.

Joining the club is not free though, it cost’s $89.99/year, so you need to do the math and figure out if it’s worth it for you based on the numbers of domains you have in your account. If you have lots of domains, this is a no brainer. I think 20 domains is the break even point.

So what types of savings are we talking about?

.com is $7.29/year (31% off)
.net is $5.99/year (53% off)
.org is $7.29/year (51% off)

You also get free Premium CashParking and get to keep 80% of the revenue generated. You get fre membership to GoDaddy Auctions. You get discounted Domain Buy Service (this is for negotiating domains that are already taken).

It takes the headache out of the mix. No longer waiting for ‘weekend specials’ or looking for coupon codes to get a deal on domains, just auto-magic, which saves me time… and I like saving time and money.

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